About Buddy Town

Founded in February 2018. We are a Rust sever and community where everyone is welcome and treated with respect.

Rust is a game, the community around which is notoriously toxic. It needn’t be this way and our server is proof.

We enjoy all that this great game has to offer in a friendly environment where we care about and for each other.
Our community is home to both new and experienced players, playing together and having fun.

We have towns, community centres, art galleries and lots of fun.

Buddy Town is a vanilla server. We wipe monthly on the first Thursday of the month with the update released by Facepunch. Blueprints wipe only when forced.
We have no team limit. If everyone is playing nicely there is no need for a limit. We ensure players are playing nicely. Team work and collaboration are encouraged.

We accept donations to cover costs and labour.

Read our rule page to learn more about how we play.

To connect search for "Buddy Town" in the community section of the server browser

or click the Steam Connect Link

or open the console and enter:
connect rust.buddy.town:28015

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